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A retaining wall is something that many home and property owners use to build a garden or other aesthetically pleasing landscape. It’s a large structure that looks just like a wall and holds soil behind it for planting. While they are often great to have around a property and can maximize the value of a home, it’s vital to know the right team to repair everything correctly or install it to ensure longevity. This is why, whether you have a significant problem, need repairs, or want to install a concrete retaining wall in Delray Beach, you need to work with a professional to get the job done right. 

At Delray Beach Concrete Contractor, we work to ensure our clients are completely satisfied. When it comes to concrete retaining walls, we use our knowledge, resources, and experience to ensure the best solution possible. We provide repair and replacement services, as well as installation. You can trust that we treat you and your property with respect and care you deserve throughout the entire process.

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Are Concrete Retaining Walls Expensive?

The cost of a concrete retaining wall is often dependent on your overall project. Keep in mind. A small project won’t cost nearly as much as something where you want to add a retaining wall across your entire yard. Here are a few things that impact how much you can expect to pay for a concrete retaining wall:

  • The type of material: Working with concrete is a good option because it is durable and can last a long time. 
  • The size of the wall: The bigger your retaining wall, the more expensive it will be.
  • The need for reinforcement: If there needs to be reinforcement, you may have to pay extra for the service. 
  • The retaining wall design: If there are decorative finishes you want to be added to the retaining wall, it can be more costly. 

Typically, retaining walls can go range anywhere from $50 to over $150 per square foot. The more work required, and the higher-end the project, the more it will cost you. 

How Long Should a Concrete Retaining Wall Last?

Once again, this is another question that can only be answered based on the situation. Of course, the durability of your concrete retaining wall will depend on how well the company you worked with did the job and your materials. A concrete retaining wall is durable, but you should also be sure you work with an experienced team who can install the retaining wall correctly. When it’s built with quality in mind, a retaining wall should last anywhere from 50 to 100 years. This makes it a perfect option for anyone looking to improve the aesthetic and value of their home.

Do I Need a Concrete Footing for a Retaining Wall?

Many people ask us if they need to have a concrete footing for their retaining wall. In some situations, the concrete footing can be unsightly and is often unnecessary. Concrete retaining walls shift naturally in many cases, so it’s not always necessary. A natural shift can allow your retaining wall to set perfectly, but we can also use a coarse stone aggregate to ensure a strong footing for your retaining wall. Before you invest in other parts of a retaining wall that you don’t need, be sure to speak with a professional.

When Should I Replace a Retaining Wall?

As we mentioned before, even concrete retaining walls have a lifespan. As such, there are some severe problems that you may encounter throughout your lifetime with them that require you to replace the retaining wall. If you notice any of the potential signs of issues, you should call quickly for repairs — or if the problem is severe, complete replacement. 

  • Bowing: This means the wall is holding too much weight, and the middle of the wall is starting to bow outwards under pressure. 
  • Leaning: The top of the wall is not reinforced properly, and the weight of the soil is pushing it, causing it to lean towards the floor. 
  • Crumbling: If you notice that parts of your retaining wall are falling apart, it could be due to the weight behind it and the wall not being constructed to properly withstand the weight.
  • Cracking: As the retaining wall experiences wear and tear, it may begin to crack. Some other common problems can involve the cracks becoming separations.
  • Leaking: Signs of drainage issues could lead to leaking and spots of trickling water. This problem can significantly worsen and cause a big issue.

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